Western Pennsylvania APA League (ZSAPA)
ZSAPA, P. O. BOX 302, DELMONT, PA  15626 
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ZSAPA'S Next Tournaments: 
 July 26, 2014, Sat., start time 12:00 PM 
        8-Ball Qualifying Doubles Tournament (Alternating Shot)
        See page 9 of the Local Bylaws for more info.
 July 27, 2014, Sun., start time 12:00 PM
       9-Ball Qualifying Doubles Tournament (Alternating Shot)
       See page 10 of the Local Bylaws for more info.
Please keep the parking spaces in the back of the building for the
handicapped & do not bring children into the tournament room.  We love
kids, but this is for their own safety.  Thanks.
2014 ZSAPA's 8-Ball & 9-Ball  
Pictures - "Poolplayers."  
Tier Level Championship, Nice Shooting for:
Picture - "Travis Beitzel," 
Picture -  "Dustin Maxson." 
Amy Rigda Farrier, Dawn Frank, Joe Hartman
Greg Mast, Brad Stefaniak, Steve Krofek
Kyle Middleton, Doug Garland, Brienne Baker
Ivone Manns, and Norm Wines
The APA National Team Championships       GREAT Shooting! 
Have fun and Good Luck in in Vegas at the NTC's!
              ZSAPA's LTC 2014 8-Ball Winners:
               Team 1.  Git-R-Done
               Team 2.  Buffy's Pool Slayers   "Picture of the Pool Slayers"
               Team 3.  Pool Ninja's
NORWIN ELKS     "FLEA MARKET"  The first Sun. each month       
  9-BALL 2014 Local Team Champions for VEGAS!
        Congratulations to all of you - have fun at the Nationals! 
                     Team 1      "THE POOL ACADEMY"   (Team Picture)
                                   (Board Picture)      (Money Picture)
                     Team 2      "FALCON'S 9-BALL"   
 ZSAPA's Ladies Team for Vegas:
       Lauren Marasco, Amy Rigda-Farrier & Kristen Noschese
  ZSAPA's Masters Team for Vegas:  Picture
       Delbert Hall, Mike McClain, Alex Wisnewski & Pat Calversi
  ZSAPA'S  Jack N Jill     Championship Winners:
       1st Place:    Amy Ridga-Farrier & J. R. Taylor 
       2nd Place:   Lauren Marasco & Mike Genta 
  CLICK HERE FOR:  Local Bylaws
Note:  League 2014 - 2015 Tournament Schedule and League
Start Dates are listed at the end of the Local Bylaws.



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