New Local Bylaws: LOCAL BYLAWS FOR 2015 - 2016
         Revised 06/23/2015, we have removed #3 on
         page 4 in the Playing a Player Twice Rules.
         Tournament schedules and session start times are listed at
         the end of the Bylaws.                                 
ZSAPA's next Tournaments:  
July 11, 2015, 12:00 PM  8-BALL CAPTAINS Tournament & Meeting.
July 12, 2015, 12:00 PM  9-BALL CAPTAINS Tournament & Meeting.
See Local Bylaws for more information, pages 5 and 9.
If 64 Captains and/or Co-Captains do not register by 11:45 AM, we will
accept any ZSAPA Players active in the format they want to play in. 

                    9-BALL ROSTERS
                    9-BALL SCHEDULES    
                    9-BALL TEAM STANDINGS  
                    9-BALL TOP GUN    Top Gun's need 6 scores.
                    8-BALL ROSTERS
                    8-BALL SCHEDULES   
                    8-BALL TEAM STANDINGS
                         Top Gun's will be posted after players have 6 scores in.
  ZSAPA's TOURNAMENT WINNERS LIST (Last update 06/12/2015)